Janet is the author of Content to Be Good – Called to Be Godly, a book/Bible study that encourages Christians to work towards a higher standard for their spiritual lives. She has written her first children’s book, Felix Navidad, which is a Christmas story written to remind children of the true meaning of the season. Janet is a popular speaker for church and community events, and a respected Bible teacher.
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Equipping the Church to Stand Firm

The book of Ephesians was written while Paul was under house arrest in Rome.  The prison epistle is a concise but complete summary of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the impact of salvation upon the lives of believers.  Ephesians was John Calvin’s favorite letter of Paul’s.  Many theologians have commented that it was Paul’s greatest writing.  The book speaks of the greatness of God and the power of God’s Holy Spirit to change a person’s life.  Paul began his letter by writing about the blessings of God, available for God’s holy people.


Content To Be Good, Called To Be Godly

I wrote this book for those who have a personal relationship with God but want to walk with him on a higher level of Christian maturity. Spiritual growth can be like physical growth. Children mature naturally and rapidly. One day we are reaching down to tie a shoe and soon we find ourselves reaching up to adjust a mortarboard or wedding veil. The changes from youth to adulthood are easy to measure and natural to expect. Maturity becomes more of a choice in our adult years.

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