Mark Burnett with Brittany Kulick at a preview event in Dallas for us new book, A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Mini-Series, that he co-wrote with his wife Roma Downey (Credit: James Edward)

A Story of God and All of Us

Brittany Kulick is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for the Denison Forum. She attended an event with the creators of “The Bible” mini series and I asked her if she would write this Good Friday blog. Enjoy this “inside look” at the the show, and the new book about the miniseries. Happy Easter…Janet […]

A member of the Lost Orphans International team holds one of the children from Naomis Village (Credit: B Kulick)

Kingdom lessons from a young teacher

Jim and I are blessed to work with wonderful people at the Denison Forum. Brittany has been with us for two years and has made tremendous contributions to the ministry. She is a special young woman who prays for God’s guidance and receives it. Recently Brittany went to Kenya and returned home, blessed by and […]