A father playing with his son, tossing him in the air, silhoutted against the dusk sky (Credit: Pavel Losevsky via Fotolia)

The love of the Father

There have been a few times in my life when an encounter with God changed the course I was set on. The first encounter was a tangible desire for a relationship with Jesus that resulted in my salvation, forever altering the course of my eternity. Another happened at camp in junior high, when I felt […]

A man kneeling at a cross with arms upraised in worship (Credit: B-C-designs via fotolia.com)

At the heart of worship

I invited my son, Craig, to be a guest blogger.  I am a proud mom!  (Well, except for the comment on my singing…but I raised him to tell the truth!)  Enjoy this…I sure did! J- I want to begin by thanking my mom for giving me the chance to speak my heart.  While my dad […]