Is it time for a face-lift?

Yes! But not in the way you might be thinking.  I maintain an honest philosophy about my “face.” I’m sixty-two and I look like it. I’m okay with that. Do I wish I looked like I were younger? Sometimes—but my face tells the truth, and so do I.  (That said, with full confession, my “hair” […]

When you are better, you do better

I’ve been taping the Bible study lectures for the book of Romans. Even after all these months of study, I read a verse that I know I have read a dozen times and learned something new. That is the miracle of God’s word.  As Scripture says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his […]

The Key to Having it All

Have you ever noticed the people who have it all are the people who don’t need it?  Jesus explained that spiritual truth in his Sermon on the Mount. The Lord’s basic principle for great success is found in Matthew 5:5  He said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”  WHO ARE THE […]

God loves a humble heart

I watched two men in politics defend their policies on the morning news. One was honest about his struggles to govern during this past year. The other spoke of his awards and successes, refusing to discuss the problems in the streets of his city. I was struck by the difference between the two.   I think […]

God’s GPS requires humility

Who caught my mistake last week?  If you did, give yourself a pat on the back, and be grateful for your VBS lessons!  I told the story of Zacchaeus in last week’s blog post. The problem was I called him Nicodemus (I’ve since edited it for the website). A couple of people sent emails to […]

What does a disciple look like?

I’ve been blogging this month about Christian priorities. I could probably spend the rest of the year on that subject, but I won’t.  I wanted to close this month with one final perspective. That perspective comes from an often undermentioned portion of a well-known passage. I’ve quoted this passage many times, but I don’t think […]

Shoes for the journey

I’m out at the lake, finishing a book. It is quiet, beautiful, and, well, “lake-ish.”  At home, I walk in my tennis shoes, but out here I wear my favorite hiking shoes. I love my Merrell’s. They are broken in. They have a steel shank with a good, sturdy sole, and the fit keeps little […]

Remember and forget like God

My friends and I stood in line for three hours in Westwood, California, in order to see one of the premiere showings of the movie The Way We Were. It was 1973, and the mix of Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand was worth the wait! The last scene in the movie still makes me tear […]

Why don’t oil and water mix?

We were recently in Hawaii and revisited the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. To this day, oil seeps from the wreckage of the USS Arizona and floats on the water above. It is profoundly moving because so many American soldiers remain buried below.  It’s important to honor those who sacrificed their lives for this nation. We […]

The right priority builds a strong wall

When do our priorities line up with God’s?  Our lives are getting back to normal again. My whole family just went to our first baseball game and our granddaughter’s horse show and enjoyed being in the crowd. I didn’t even think about catching a virus because I was too busy thinking about the Rangers catching […]