A House Divided – or Thankful

Are you worried about the conversation around your Thanksgiving table? Have you determined that the subject of politics is banned until after the pumpkin pie? Is there a member of your family that would rather not come home this year? According to a recent Reuters’ poll, almost fifteen percent are saying that they are not […]

Five Bible Verses for the Day After an Election

My blog comes out on Wednesday, but I can’t wait until then to post it. So, as I type these words I don’t know who was elected. Interestingly, that fact doesn’t impact what I’m going to write. Maybe your candidate won, lost, or wasn’t even an option. Regardless, our Christian convictions should remain. This has […]

Calm in the Chaos

As I sit here typing, someone is directly above my head, hammer in hand. A hail storm moved through Dallas last May and it’s our turn to get a new roof. I’ve already prayed for every man on my very steep roof! The picture is them giving me a “thumbs up” when I told them […]

I’m Excited to Announce…

Well, it isn’t a new grandbaby this time. (But that should happen in a month or so!) This new “arrival” is almost as exciting. JanetDenison.org is, in a way, my baby. When we began this ministry it took some time to get to know what God would raise it up to be. A few years later, […]