When the Whole World Agrees

Churches all over the world prayed. The breaking news was reported in every language. The boys were coming out of that cave and they were safe. The whole world responded with jubilation and praise for the rescued and for the rescuers. It is easy to agree when we all believe in the same outcome. I […]

Our Greatest Freedom

It’s great to have a day to celebrate the freedom we are privileged to enjoy. The American flag is a reminder of our history, our promise for today, and represents our hope for the next generations. I’m glad for a day that encourages me to be humbly grateful that, throughout our nation’s history, someone else’s […]

7 Quotes For 7 Days

Words are powerful, especially if people take the time to think about them. We will celebrate our nation’s independence in seven days, and I think it’s safe to say that many of our citizens are listening to people’s opinions instead of taking time to consider wise words that have stood the test of time. I […]

Fred Rogers: 143 Pounds of Wisdom

I’ve spent the past few weeks living with the words of wisdom from David and Solomon. Maybe that is why I wanted to write about the new Fred Rogers documentary. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? takes a fresh look at Fred Rogers and the impact his television show has made on millions of children and […]

A Blog Break

Our brains only weigh three pounds, but they contain 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections. The creative power of God is immeasurable and we are made in his image. There are times in life when we need our brains to function with as many of those neurons and connections as possible! This is one […]

I Unplugged Alexa

The name Alexa is ranked #65 on the list of the most popular names for girls. I expect that ranking to sink much lower in the years to come. Imagine having every conversation with your daughter interrupted by a machine that says “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand your command.” I was watching an old Hallmark […]

The Woulda Coulda Shoulda of Motherhood

A note from Janet: Today’s blog post is written by Cynthia Yanof. Cynthia and I work together for our ChristianParenting.org website. She is a great author, a godly woman and a fun friend. You will enjoy reading her thoughts for Mother’s Day. Enjoy! Here we go! It’s almost Mother’s Day, and we are about to […]

Anna’s Thoughts on Flight 1380

Anna was watching a movie on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 when the engine blew out. The next twenty-two minutes were filled with sounds and experiences she will always remember. Anna is twenty-three years old and has a lot to teach all of us. If you had to consider the end of your life, and all […]

Barbara Bush’s Genuine Pearls

A New York Times article called Barbara Bush “soft power in fake pearls.” Many of our nation’s first ladies have worn pearls, but none as famously as Mrs. Bush. In fact, her famous three-strand necklace is still sold by Kenneth J. Lane on his website. (I provided the link in case you are in the […]

A Modern Parable of Success

Dan munched on his chicken sandwich as he watched the long lines of people waiting outside. His anger welled as his neighbors continued to leave their money in the hands of the undeserving. No one carried his banner. No one shouted in protest. One by one, each neighbor filed in and left their support for […]