Commonsense Christianity

Patricia Heaton is a Hollywood actress known for her comedy and her Christianity. A friend sent me one of Heaton’s recent tweets, and I thought it summed up the way a lot of us are feeling these days.  Heaton wrote, “If you are a common sense person, you probably feel like you don’t have a […]

A good chariot race

If I had lived in the first century, I would have bought tickets to the chariot races.  I love the football playoffs, basketball games, and, if I could ever learn to follow the puck, I would probably like ice hockey. I enjoy a fast-moving contest. A lot of Christians felt like we had chosen the […]

2021: A parable of hope

Note from Janet For those of you who have completed the first half of the Foundations of Faith Bible Study, I hope you will join us for the second half of the study.  The first lecture (Abraham & Sarah – Lesson 12) is now available to view on the website.  Each lesson will focus on […]

The after-Christmas story

Note from Janet We are privileged to send you a few moments with God’s word each week. As we wrap up this unique year, would you consider making a tax-deductible gift to help us reach our year end goals before December 31?  If you are able you can donate here or send a check to […]

Christmas blessings to you and yours

My favorite Christmas meditation is Emmanuel, God with us.  That was God’s pure intention for Christmas. The Creator of all there is wanted to be with us and always has.  If, right now, as you are reading these words, you felt him put his arm around you or take your hand, you would experience the […]

The Hillbilly Elegy lessons for life

Can an R-rated movie teach biblical lessons?  Sometimes.  Do me a favor and stick with this blog post to the end.  Jesus was sharing a final lesson in the upper room when he said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears […]

The Invisible God

Christmas 2020 will have a uniquely important place in our lives.  It’s different, yet the same.  It’s not as merry, yet more profound.  It’s not what we would have chosen, yet it is what God has chosen to allow.  Christmas 2020 should be celebrated. The only thing I really understand about this year is that […]

What happened to Thanksgiving this year?

A note from Janet: Before I blog, a quick suggestion.  I wrote this year’s Advent book last spring, not knowing what Christmas 2020 was going to look like; but God did. The first entry begins December 1.  If you want a copy of Our Christmas Stories, you can get it here:  I think these […]