Merry Christmas… in July

Whoever thought of the marketing tool “Christmas in July”?  But, there is something hopeful about looking forward this year. Maybe things will be back to normal by then?  I watched QVC sell their Christmas merchandise for a while this weekend. Then, I noticed Hallmark had Christmas movies all weekend. (Apparently, they release their annual ornaments […]

We are citizens of heaven

The verse jumped off the page when I read it last week. I’ve thought about it so many times since that I felt like the Lord wanted me to write this blog on the subject. The American flag has hung in my driveway for the past week. I also lined my drive with smaller versions […]

Jesus can bring out the worst in us

One of my favorite messages from social media this year said, “I’m not adding this year 2020 to my age. I did not use it.”  I heard another of my favorite messages last week on a Christian radio station. The host said, “If something or someone brings out the worst in you, then recognize the […]

A before-and-after story

How did your salvation change your life? This blog post is especially for people who were raised in the church or have gone to church for much of their lives.  Chances are, your testimony isn’t usually described as powerful—but it should be.   Paul and Peter  Paul’s salvation testimony is exciting to teach.  His story begins […]

An Expensive Towel

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog that mentioned washing windows. I received several comments about a towel that would make washing my windows an easier job. Suzanne warned me that the BacLock Norwex Window Cloth wasn’t cheap, but she said it was really worth it.  After reading her comment, I googled it. I […]

The pursuit of peace

The best conclusion to a good argument is arriving at a place of understanding, knowing how each person involved is somewhat right and somehow wrong. Our country is probably better off than any of us think, but, right now, it just seems like a mess. It’s the truth that will bring about permanent change, but […]

Everyone Needs This Marriage

I was going to write about marriage this week. Jim and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary on Sunday, and that is a big deal. God created the concept of marriage for a reason.  During the important times, the joyful times, and the difficult times, marriage is the best earthly example of the way […]

The Perfect Lottery Dream Home

If you read this blog regularly, you know I enjoy a lot of the programs on HGTV.   I usually tape Lottery Dream Home on Friday nights. I enjoy watching people look for homes after their lives have been changed by a winning lottery ticket. I am going to say . . . I’m not comfortable […]

The Parable of the Dog and the Geese

It rained all day, but that was fine with me.  Rainy days are perfect days to spend writing, and I had this year’s Advent book to work on.  By the way, my thanks to all of you who sent me your Christmas memories and traditions. I’m enjoying them and the process of putting the book […]

Time: Spent or invested?

I was a sophomore in high school when Jim Croce’s song “Time in a Bottle” reached #1 on the charts.  He had written the song a year earlier, after his wife had told him she was pregnant. ABC Records hadn’t planned to release the song as a single, but, in 1973, Jim Croce was tragically […]