The Big 6-0

Never has a birthday bugged me like this one. By the time you receive this blog post, I will have turned the BIG 6-0. Now, I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “I wish!” But, others are thinking, “I didn’t realize she was that old.” Still, others are saying, “I know! […]

That First Fire of the Season

I peeked at the thermostat and shivered. It was 48 degrees on Saturday morning at Possum Kingdom Lake. So, I turned on the coffee and reached for the fireplace remote. A few minutes later, I sat quietly with my warm mug, watching the flames and enjoying every moment of the morning. October was a blur. […]

Joy in Jordan

I just returned from a two-week trip to Israel. I have so many pictures in my mind as I remember those weeks. It is amazing to stand in the place where David fought Goliath. I climbed the steps to the place where the Herod of the Christmas story wanted his elaborate tomb to be built. […]

It Was a Life Lesson

I have always appreciated the speaker I heard one Sunday night about thirty years ago. He taught me a lesson that changed my life, and one I have passed on to others many times since. I wish I knew his name, but I look forward to the moment in heaven when I can tell him, […]

Who is Kermit Gosnell?

A note from Janet: This isn’t a typical blog post this week—it will be difficult to read. But I felt a strong conviction to write this. I hope you will read this prayerfully, with understanding. Who is Kermit Gosnell, and why doesn’t everyone know that answer? There is a movie out that I would encourage […]

Will Christians Conserve Kindness?

The word conserve means to protect from harm or destruction. What should Christians be doing to conserve kindness in our American culture? We watched the recent judicial battles over Judge Kavanaugh and saw very little kindness extended toward anyone during his Supreme Court confirmation. It will be incredibly important, especially this week, that the Christian […]

When is a Fight Worth Fighting?

Jim and I sat watching the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh and were amazed at the hostility displayed on our television screen. Whatever your politics are, I think we could all agree that the hearing was a public shaming of most involved. Who deserved to feel ashamed? Time will likely answer that question, if all of […]

Is That You, God?

How do you know when God has spoken? How do we know when God has blessed, saved, disciplined, or judged? What if we are dismissing God’s voice? When do we know that God just answered? The record-breaking rain was torrential here in Dallas, and I woke up off and on most of the night. I […]

We Are Worth It

Those who know me know I like a good bargain. When Jim and I first married, we went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant on Sundays and bought one of the specials for that day. The chips, queso, salsa, and tortillas were free—and they brought plenty. We drank water and left our ten-dollar bill on […]

Unfinished Business

This blog post might sound a little political in the beginning, but keep reading to get to my real point. I think it will be good food for thought. I’ve changed a few study habits as a result! I used to watch the news too often; now I don’t watch it very much. I used to […]