Over and Out

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). (The children of the sixties will be humming the song, Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds for the rest of the day!) I’ve finished my summer writing projects and I need a break. So, this will be my last […]

Christmas in July

It’s the middle of July in Dallas, Texas, and I’m writing this year’s Advent book for our ministry. It takes a little creative thinking to “get my fa-la-la on” when it is one hundred degrees outside. (And that’s in the shade!) Thankfully the Hallmark Channel is celebrating “Christmas in July” and I’ve taped a few […]


I pointed to my friend’s arm and asked where her scratches had come from. Her response: “Grace.”  Grace is her new puppy who doesn’t always teethe on a chew toy. Believe it or not, that prompted this blog post! I love the puppy’s name because at this point it seems wildly incorrect. That is what […]

A Great American Fourth

The dictionary defines patriotism as: “an intense devotion to one’s country.” The Fourth of July is a day to remember and celebrate the fact we are blessed to live in a great country. America isn’t perfect, but it is home. Our president was elected with his message about “making America great again.” Practically, what would […]

The Book of Henry Justice System

The timing of The Book of Henry was an opportunity to say something that has been simmering in my thoughts lately. When I saw the trailer for this movie I remember thinking, “Is this really the justice system Hollywood wants to promote?” Then, the shooting in Virginia occurred, and I’ve waited for someone on the […]

Our Bird Dad on Father’s Day

Good dads usually work hard. That seems true of most species. Our Father’s Day has a little different perspective this year. Jim and I still miss our dads, and we are grateful that our sons are now dads. Grandkids are AWESOME! But this year there is a new “dad” in our family. It helped to […]

Thirty-seven years ago today . . .

I will always remember June of 1980. The sun was brutal, we forgot what a rain cloud looked like, and the electric bill was impossibly difficult to pay. Weathercasters will be talking about it in their news broadcasts this week. The summer of 1980 is recorded as one of the most devastating natural disasters in […]

The Eyes Have Him

Traveling to Israel has caused me to spend a lot of time thinking about Jesus’ time on earth. It was a profound experience to look at things that Jesus’ eyes would have seen. The sun shone on the sea of Galilee. The sun set on the hill of Jerusalem. The olive trees, the flowers, and […]

Dear Younger Me

MercyMe is one of my favorite musical groups. I like a lot of different kinds of music, but I am especially drawn to music with profound Christian lyrics. Bart Millard is the lead singer of MercyMe and writes or co-writes the lyrics to most of their songs. There is a popular song from their recent […]

Lessons From Israel

We spent days visiting the most important places in the Holy Land. I spent a lot of time studying the faces of the people outside the bus windows. Israel is a clash of cultures, each competing for a place of authority and security for their families and their point of view. The people who live […]