Temper TV with Truth

I’ve decided the best way to temporarily treat my temper is to temper the television and totally take in truth instead. I need to take time for my temperament. “Fake TV” has political implications, but, let’s face it: TV has more fake than fact these days.  Let’s take the Monday morning news as Example A.  […]

Do you smell like Jesus?

We had just dropped our oldest son, Ryan, at Baylor University so he could begin his freshman year. I thought I was handling the change well until I went upstairs to grab his bedding for the wash. I pulled the pillowcase off and instantly smelled my son. I missed him.  Another time I was in […]

The Best Valentines

If you haven’t purchased anything for Valentine’s Day, then you are an American exception. (Or, maybe you are running behind?)  Americans will spend about $27.4 billion this year to celebrate the people they love.  That is a LOT of cards, flowers, and steak dinners!  The statistic I found most interesting concerned the increase in spending. […]

The State of the Union

I couldn’t help but wonder: If Jesus addressed the state of the church, would he find the people of faith as divided as our politicians? The lack of unity seems to be the only thing our government representatives can agree upon. I feel the same about those of us who are called to represent Christ […]

When Your Cup Runneth Under

Do you sometimes feel like you view this world from the wrong side of the glass?  I watched the news and almost every story related to the death of Kobe Bryant. I found myself wondering about the others who were on the helicopter. Everyone’s life matters. Which of them had a relationship with Jesus that […]

Whom should we impeach?

I remember seeing the video of President Nixon entering the helicopter and waving at the cameras with his famous two-handed peace sign. It was 1974 and I was a sophomore in high school. I remember when the impeachment proceedings were initiated against President Clinton. It was 1998 and I was trying to steer my two […]

Bible Hacks

It’s funny how words can evolve to take on different meanings. The word hack used to describe the sound of a person’s cough. Now we most often use the word to describe an idea that makes our life easier. A lot of words have evolved and changed over time, and there will never be an […]

Shen Yun: Dance—with a cult message thrown in

Have you ever wondered how cults are able to recruit followers? How do cults prosper and finance their message?   What if you helped fund a cult accidentally?  My friends and I did.   It was supposed to be a fun “girls night out,” but it became an interesting discussion on the methods of deception a cult […]

Begin with a good deed

January 1 is always an important day, especially when it’s the first day of a new decade.  What are your thoughts as you contemplate the next ten years? I’ve been especially contemplative this year. This decade will mark a great deal of change in our lives. But then, we could say that about every decade […]

Christmas Blessings

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  I am the good shepherd” (John 10:10–11). That is the “reason for the season.”  This Christmas Day, I wish you many moments with the “good shepherd.”  I wish you an abundantly joyful day.  Even more, I wish you an abundantly joyful life. […]