When is a Fight Worth Fighting?

Jim and I sat watching the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh and were amazed at the hostility displayed on our television screen. Whatever your politics are, I think we could all agree that the hearing was a public shaming of most involved. Who deserved to feel ashamed? Time will likely answer that question, if all of […]

Is That You, God?

How do you know when God has spoken? How do we know when God has blessed, saved, disciplined, or judged? What if we are dismissing God’s voice? When do we know that God just answered? The record-breaking rain was torrential here in Dallas, and I woke up off and on most of the night. I […]

We Are Worth It

Those who know me know I like a good bargain. When Jim and I first married, we went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant on Sundays and bought one of the specials for that day. The chips, queso, salsa, and tortillas were free—and they brought plenty. We drank water and left our ten-dollar bill on […]

Unfinished Business

This blog post might sound a little political in the beginning, but keep reading to get to my real point. I think it will be good food for thought. I’ve changed a few study habits as a result! I used to watch the news too often; now I don’t watch it very much. I used to […]

McCain’s Funeral: Who Had The Last Word?

Jim and I watched every minute of John McCain’s funeral. It is a rare moment to watch an important moment in history unfold as it happens. I had another blog post planned but wanted to share this thought instead. What is a life well lived? I think some very important people offered an answer to […]

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Jim and I spent a week in Philadelphia visiting historical sites we had never seen before. I’ve thought a lot about what we saw during those days. An old, three-story home filled with used books. But, only a few of those books were about God. Mansions filled with priceless art, décor, furniture, and history. The […]

What If I Gave Everything

“What If I Gave Everything” is a song by Casting Crowns and a question I think all of us should ask ourselves. This is the time of year I tend to become a bit contemplative. The summer is drawing to a close. The fall season has always created a sense of “new beginnings” in me. […]

Life Changes

“Life Changes” is the title track on Thomas Rhett’s new album and a perfect intro for this blog post. I saw Rhett perform it on ABC’s CMA Fest and knew I wanted to know more about him. I’m not a huge country music fan, but I like some of the songs, and this one especially […]

Mixed Signals and Missed Blessings

I read these words by Eric Metaxas and they stuck: “Ideas have consequences; bad ideas have victims. And perhaps no ideas have produced more victims than those behind the sexual revolution.” Metaxas works with the Chuck Colson ministry, and they are going to do a short online course on the subject. I wanted to write […]

This Grammer’s Grammar

Google announced a new level of artificial intelligence to the workplace. Google Docs is introducing a grammar checker. A Fortune article said, “Some of the things that the new grammar checker will scan for include when to use articles like ‘a’ or ‘an’ in a sentence.” I’ve also heard that it will correct common mistakes like […]