Love, Jesus

What would it be like to wake up Christmas morning and find a gift under the tree from Jesus?  I imagine it would be the first gift each of us would open.  What would his handwriting on the tag look like?  How would he wrap it? Would it be lavishly presented or very simple?  The […]

An Untraditional Christmas

My husband and sons have been sending around humorous texts about decorating for Christmas. Let’s just say that I enjoyed transforming our home into a very festive place more than they did. The fact they had to haul all of those boxes out of the attic and help wasn’t their favorite day of the season. […]

The One Who Invented Christmas

The house was finally quiet after a wonderfully chaotic Thanksgiving Day.  My daughter-in-law Candice suggested we watch one of her favorite Christmas movies, The Man Who Invented Christmas. The movie is based on the life of Charles Dickens as he penned his most famous novel, A Christmas Carol. The movie was a fascinating look at […]

A Mr. Rogers Thanksgiving

My husband and I saw A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the new Tom Hanks movie about Fred Rogers. I was telling Jim what I planned to blog about this week when he got a sheepish look on his face.  Apparently, after thirty-nine years of marriage, we tend to think the same thoughts quite often. […]

Best Practices for God’s people

It’s been months since I made the mistake. So why did I wake up thinking about it today? That’s how God gives blog nudges and authors a message to teach.  The problem with this one is that I have to be my own illustration.  I only needed a few things  It’s been months since I […]

Why Winter?

The weather forecast reported a sixty-three-degree start to the day and a twenty-nine-degree ending, with lots of rain and wind to boot. Talk about a Texas MONDAY!  I pulled my underused coat from the closet and wondered why God created winter.  The forecast for Eden  Winter must be another of the consequences of living outside […]

How Do We Receive and Perceive God’s Promises?

Sometimes it seems like Scripture makes promises we can’t count on.  I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years with disappointed Christians. I’ve actually been a disappointed Christian at times. (It’s easy to think that when you are a full-time “paid” Christian that there should be a few added promise-perks. There aren’t.)  But, most […]

Seriously Siri, Shush

It’s hard enough to be a preacher’s wife/Bible teacher/Christian blogger and speaker without the thought that someone is listening to me while I’m in my own home. I have an incredibly busy husband and I raised sons. I’ve grown accustomed to being ignored, and I kind of like it.  But not by Siri. She listens […]

God’s People Need a Time-out

All kids need a time-out once in a while.  We had a chair in the utility room that served that purpose. The only things to look at back there were the washer and dryer. The “fun” was a few yards away, and the offender could hear it but not be part of it.  Fifteen minutes […]