Content to be Good, Called to be Godly

Every Christian parent hopes to raise their children to live a life of faith. Parents are usually the first and best examples of what that means. Janet Denison wrote this book to encourage Christians to pursue knowing God in deeper, more meaningful ways. Spiritual growth can be like physical growth. Children mature naturally and rapidly. One day parents are reaching down to tie a shoe and soon find themselves reaching up to adjust a mortarboard or wedding veil. Your children will mature spiritually as well. Content to be Good, Called to be Godly will help parents live the journey of faith, teaching lessons their children can follow.

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¡Felix Navidad!

Felix Navidad tells the story of the exciting Christmas adventure experienced by a boy and his donkey, Felix. The story is set in Puerto Rico and is based on actual events that occurred during an unusual Christmas storm. Children love the holiday season and this story will help them experience Christmas from a new perspective while reminding them the greatest gifts are often the kindness they show to others.

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Jesus: Got Questions?

So many people who make the life changing decision to follow Jesus – the most important decision of their lives – are children. Why? Because kids know the truth when they hear it. And we want to help you share the truth of Jesus with the children in your life.

The Jesus: Got Questions? gospel was written so that children could have answers to some of the most common questions asked about the Bible. and The Pocket Testament League have joined together to provide children with an easy way to understand and accept a personal faith in Christ.

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