Christmas blessings to you and yours

My favorite Christmas meditation is Emmanuel, God with us.  That was God’s pure intention for Christmas. The Creator of all there is wanted to be with us and always has.  If, right now, as you are reading these words, you felt him put his arm around you or take your hand, you would experience the […]

The Invisible God

Christmas 2020 will have a uniquely important place in our lives.  It’s different, yet the same.  It’s not as merry, yet more profound.  It’s not what we would have chosen, yet it is what God has chosen to allow.  Christmas 2020 should be celebrated. The only thing I really understand about this year is that […]

Christmas Blessings

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  I am the good shepherd” (John 10:10–11). That is the “reason for the season.”  This Christmas Day, I wish you many moments with the “good shepherd.”  I wish you an abundantly joyful day.  Even more, I wish you an abundantly joyful life. […]

Love, Jesus

What would it be like to wake up Christmas morning and find a gift under the tree from Jesus?  I imagine it would be the first gift each of us would open.  What would his handwriting on the tag look like?  How would he wrap it? Would it be lavishly presented or very simple?  The […]

An Untraditional Christmas

My husband and sons have been sending around humorous texts about decorating for Christmas. Let’s just say that I enjoyed transforming our home into a very festive place more than they did. The fact they had to haul all of those boxes out of the attic and help wasn’t their favorite day of the season. […]

The One Who Invented Christmas

The house was finally quiet after a wonderfully chaotic Thanksgiving Day.  My daughter-in-law Candice suggested we watch one of her favorite Christmas movies, The Man Who Invented Christmas. The movie is based on the life of Charles Dickens as he penned his most famous novel, A Christmas Carol. The movie was a fascinating look at […]

Expect His Arrival

We give the innkeeper a hard time every Christmas. He is the sermon illustration for “not making room for Christ.” But, truthfully, he did make room. He gave Mary the best he could offer. He made room for her in his stable. Jesus was born in a cave because the other people at the inn […]

Our Christmas Baby

There is truly something miraculous about holding a newborn baby, especially when that baby belongs to your family. Wells Denison was born last week, and he is already loved and adored by his family. He came into this world weighing in at eight pounds, twelve ounces and is twenty-one inches long. The Denisons are feeling […]

The Mission of Christmas

The viral photo of Sully, a service dog, lying in front of the president’s casket, touched our hearts. The caption read, “Mission Complete. #Remembering41”. Sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words. The country will pause from the Christmas season to honor the life of our 41st president this week. I’m praying the service and […]