Jesus can bring out the worst in us

One of my favorite messages from social media this year said, “I’m not adding this year 2020 to my age. I did not use it.”  I heard another of my favorite messages last week on a Christian radio station. The host said, “If something or someone brings out the worst in you, then recognize the […]

Truly Free

My husband, Jim, opened his most recent sermon with a poem by Kenneth Kaufman entitled Three Tame Ducks. I asked him to send me the text so I could share it with all of you.  This week we celebrate the freedom most days we are free to take for granted. It’s good to be reminded […]

Our Greatest Freedom

It’s great to have a day to celebrate the freedom we are privileged to enjoy. The American flag is a reminder of our history, our promise for today, and represents our hope for the next generations. I’m glad for a day that encourages me to be humbly grateful that, throughout our nation’s history, someone else’s […]