When you are better, you do better

I’ve been taping the Bible study lectures for the book of Romans. Even after all these months of study, I read a verse that I know I have read a dozen times and learned something new. That is the miracle of God’s word.  As Scripture says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his […]

New Covenant Greatness

Last week, I wrote about the movie I Can Only Imagine. My mom hadn’t seen it, and I wanted to see it again. I always get something new the second time I watch a movie or reread a book. I Can Only Imagine is about redemption, but it is also about greatness. Bart’s dad wanted […]

Leaving the Lanai

On our last morning in Hawaii, I couldn’t wait to grab my cup of coffee and sit on the lanai. There is something profoundly beautiful about watching waves during high tide, seeing the colors of the sunrise reflected on the clouds, and hearing the tropical birds call out to each other. Then, out of nowhere, […]