An Expensive Towel

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog that mentioned washing windows. I received several comments about a towel that would make washing my windows an easier job. Suzanne warned me that the BacLock Norwex Window Cloth wasn’t cheap, but she said it was really worth it.  After reading her comment, I googled it. I […]

The Lancaster Lifestyle

The quiet life of the plain people Previously, my only experience with the Amish lifestyle was through novels and movies. Then I made a trip to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, and I spent some time among the Amish. I found their lifestyle fascinating and thought-provoking. I’ve always loved—but have struggled to live—the passage in 1 […]

Marie Kondo’s Advice

Who is Marie Kondo? I kept noticing a beautiful Japanese woman popping up on various news programs and talk shows. Her name is Marie Kondo and, apparently, I’m late to her fan base. Marie Kondo has written a best seller titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and has a hit show on Netflix. That […]